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    The Dual Choice Dental Plan

                                Presented by Health and Life Administrators Inc.

Offering Plan Members

Network Access to Dental Care- Vision Care - Prescription Drugs

Available  NATIONWIDE  To

Individuals or Families 

                                   Groups  Sponsored By  : Employers  , Union Groups , Trade Associations , Professional Associations  ,  

                                      Employee Leasing Firms , Payroll Services  , Affinity Groups ,  or Church Groups.

         ( This plan is not available in all States - please review the State Fee Schedules shown below to determine availability in your State ) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Dental Care: This is a Pre-Negotiated Fee  Careington International   Dental Plan with access to more than 26,000+ Participating Dental Network Providers Nationwide for easy access by plan members to obtain quality dental health care . This Plan offers our members pre-negotiated discounted fees that substantially reduce out-of-pocket expenses to access dental health services.

Procedures listed by ADA procedure code are available to plan members at the fees listed on our Fee Schedule . Dental health services may also be obtained from contracted specialist such as Orthodontists at discounted fees  20 % below that providers normal fees.

Vision Care: EyeMed Vision Care  provides access to pre-negotiated or discounted fees on Frames , Lenses , Lens Options , Eye Exams, or Laser Vision Correction at 30,000 + Participating Vision Network Providers from 16,000 + locations ; such as LENSCRAFTERS , Pearle Vision , Sears Optical , and Target Optical .

Prescription Drugs : The Premier Pharmacy Plan  allows plan members to purchase all Brand Name or Generic Drugs at discounted pricing at over 50,000+ Participating Pharmacy Network Providers such as Walgreen's , Eckerd's , Kroger , Wal-Mart , CVS Pharmacies , and many local pharmacies . The     Premier Pharmacy Plan   offers substantial savings (up to 55 % Generic or 15 % Brand Name ) on F.D.A. approved prescription drugs from participating network providers.   


HOW  The Dual Choice Dental Plan  Saves You Money For  Dental  Health Services 

  Sample Pre-Negotiated 501 Fee Schedule And Savings    

****American Dental Association  Procedure Code ( ADA CODE )

*****  American Dental Association Regional Survey for 2001 of General Dentist In Houston , Texas 77036 By Procedure ( ADA FEE )

****ADA Code          Procedure                            *****ADA Normal Fee     Member Pays                Savings   Percentage

0120   Periodic Oral Evaluation -  6 month $40.00 $12.00 $28.00 70%
0150   Comprehensive Oral Evaluation - 12 $69.00 $14.00 $55.00 79%
0210   X-Rays - Full Mouth $115.00 $35.00 $80.00 69%
1110   Adult Cleaning $71.00 $25.00 $46.00 65%
2140   Silver Filling - Amalgam $103.00 $35.00 $68.00 66%
2750   Crown Porcelain To High Metal Noble $850.00 $409.00 $441.00 52%
3330   Root Canal - Molar $645.00 $351.00 $294.00 46%
7230   Extraction - Impacted Wisdom $393.00 $170.00 $223.00 57%

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                                                  ADDITIONAL DENTAL PLAN FEATURES

NO Waiting - Immediate Access to Providers    

NO Limit On Use

NO Occupational Restrictions - All Eligible Family Members Accepted                                                                          

NO Forms To File At Time Of Service                                                                                                

Contracted General dental network providers within designated geographic service areas have agreed to accept as full payment the amounts published on the 501 to 508 Series procedure code fee schedules listed by State .

General Dentist Services not listed on the procedure code fee schedule are discounted at 20 % of the General Dentist normal fee. Contracted Specialist are not subject to the published fees schedules but do discount their services by reducing their normal  service fee by 20 % on most services rendered to our members. All fees for service are due and payable to the contracted dental network provider by members at the time service is rendered.

 The Dual Choice Dental Plan is Not Health Insurance it is a Pre-Negotiated Fee Dental Plan with significantly discounted fees for services provided by General Dentist participating in our network of dental healthcare providers .

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Careington International


Fee Schedules are presented for dental health services rendered by providers in each State .

( This plan is not available all States - please review the State Fee Schedules shown below to determine availability in your State )

 To view the appropriate fee schedule for your State of residence please select your State and place your pointer on that underlined fee schedule then click it to view.

Fee Schedule 501 - Alabama , Florida , Georgia ,  Kansas , Kentucky , Louisiana , Minnesota ,Missouri ,   Mississippi ,  Nebraska , Ohio , Oklahoma , Pennsylvania  ,  Tennessee , Texas , Virginia

Fee Schedule 502 - Arizona , Colorado , Indiana , Maryland , Michigan , New Mexico , Nevada 

Fee Schedule 503 - Arkansas , Hawaii ,  Massachusetts ,  New Jersey ,  West Virginia

Fee Schedule 504 - District of Columbia , Iowa , North Carolina , New York , South Carolina

Fee Schedule 505 - Connecticut , Idaho , Oregon , Utah , Wisconsin

Fee Schedule 506 - Alaska , Delaware , New Hampshire , Rhode Island

Fee Schedule 507 - California

Fee Schedule 508 - Washington

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                                                          Dual Choice Membership Includes 





 EyeMed Vision Care substantially reduces fees with participating network providers ; this is not insurance -   it is a pre-negotiated discounted fee-for-service plan:

The EyeMed Access Plan D is a discount-only plan providing reduced fees for exams, frames, lenses and contact lenses.  The fees apply when a complete pair of eyeglasses is purchased; otherwise the discount is 20% off the retail price.  All discounts are provided at the point-of-service and the frequency is unlimited.

Vision Care Services Member Benefit
Exam with Dilation as necessary : $ 5.00 off comprehensive exam

$ 10.00 off contact lens exam

Complete Pair Eyeglass Purchase Discount*:    Frames, lenses and lens options purchased in same transaction

                                                            Frames :     Any available frame at provider location 35 % off the retail price

Standard Plastic Lenses : Member Pays:
Single Vision $  50.00
Bifocal $  70.00
Trifocal $105.00
Lens Options :  
UV  Coating $  15.00
Tint ( Solid and Gradient ) $  15.00
Standard Polycarbonate $  40.00
Standard Anti-Reflective Coating $  45.00
Standard Progressive ( Add-on to Bifocal ) $  65.00
Other Add-ons and Services 20 % off the retail price
Contact Lenses :    Discount applies to materials only.

   Conventional :     15 % off the retail price


Laser Vision Correction :    Discount applies to materials only.

   LASIK or PRK from U.S. Laser Network :     15 % off the retail price - or - 5 % off promotional price


Frequency :   

   Exam, Frame, Lenses, and Contact Lenses :     Unlimited

*Frame, lenses and lens options discounts apply only when purchasing a complete pair of eyeglasses.  If purchased separately, members receive 20% off the retail price. 

The plan is based on a 12-month contract term and 12-month rate guarantee.  Members will receive a 20% discount on items not covered by the plan at in-network providers.  Benefits may not be combined with any discount, promotional offering, or other group benefit plans.  The discount does not apply to professional services or contact lenses.  Allowances are on-time use benefits; no remaining balance.  Lost or broken materials are not covered.  After initial purchase, replacement contact lenses may be obtained via the Internet at great prices and mailed directly to the member. 

Access to over 30,000 providers at 16,000 locations including

many private practice providers and the nation's leading optical retailers .

Visit Any Of Our Nearest Providers Shown Below :



*Some franchisees do not participate.














                                                  Click  Here For A Online Search To Locate Your Nearest  EyeMed Vision Care    Provider  .

 Click here to print brochure in adobe pdf format EyeMed Vision Care Access Plan D


Dual Choice Membership Includes 

Premier Pharmacy Plan

The Premier Pharmacy Plan   offers plan members convenience and saving through over 50,000 Nationwide contracted network pharmacies .   Members may access many local and chain pharmacies to purchase Brand Name and Generic prescription drugs at discounted pricing . Our Plan Members receive discounts up to 15 % for purchases of most Brand Name prescription drugs and up to 55 % on Generic prescription drugs manufactured by FDA approved U.S. pharmaceutical firms . Our members discounted savings are in relation to the average whole price each pharmacy incurs for Brand Name or MAC  + dispensing fee for Generic Drugs . Therefore the amount of the discount our members receive may vary from time to time depending on these factors and according to the then current pharmaceutical market costs each participating pharmacy must incur to supply plan members with prescription drugs. Since the pharmaceutical market fluctuates your amount of saving may vary.

Since surgical procedures preformed by General Dentist or Specialist ( such as a Oral Surgeon  ) often require patients to take physician ordered antibiotics and pain relief prescription drugs the Premier Pharmacy Plan   presents our plan members with an  affordable solution to filling their prescription drug needs.

The Great News is that our members may also utilize the Premier Pharmacy Plan  to fill all of their other prescription drug needs through local pharmacies with the same amounts of saving from discounted pricing. Plan Members may use their   Member ID Card at any participating network pharmacy for any health related FDA approved prescription ordered by any licensed physician ;  including a Medical Doctor  , Chiropractor , or Dentist.

Pharmacy Network Provider Search 


 Individual or Families : Dental Network Access Membership Rates

You may pay your initial monthly membership fee via electronic payment ( bank draft ) , MasterCard / VISA credit card , or by check if submitted with your original application. Thereafter all monthly membership fees must be paid via electronic payment method.


 Monthly              $   6.95                                                $    9.95                                                        $  11.95           

 Annual                $  64.95                                               $  74.95                                                        $  94.95

 * FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - includes member , spouse or domestic partner , and all  eligible children or grand children up to age 25 residing in  the member's household or is a full time student attending an accredited college or trade school .

A one time non-refundable enrollment set-up fee of $ 25.00 is payable at time you join and  provided membership remains continuous.

  For Application Click Here :  Individual or Family Membership Online Application       Printable Applications - Brochures  


                Group Rates : Dental Network Access Membership Rates 

                                Monthly Group Membership Fees 


 Monthly               $   6.75                                                      $    9.75                                                 $  11.75           

       Group  / Employer - Onetime Enrollment Fee Per Member -  ( Provided No Lapse In Payment Occurs )

  Group  Enrollment Fee ( For All States ) Per Member Varies As Follows:

   2 through 10 Enrolled Members   $  20.00  per member

  10 through 25 Enrolled Members   $  17.50  per member                                                   

  25 or more Enrolled Members         $  15.00  per member

  Monthly Group List Billing Fee       $  20.00 

   Employers are required to pay the group list billing fee as the plan sponsor.

Employers are NOT Required to contribute to their employee and/or family membership or enrollment fees. However ; an employer may  elect to do so provided this is done on a non-discriminatory basis  .

To obtain a complete detailed written group proposal package from a local " Independent Insurance Agent " in your community please click here :    Group Proposal Request

Click Here To View    Employer- Online Application         Employee - Online Application           Printable  Applications - Brochures


10 Day Free Look -   If you are not completely satisfied with the service or discounted fees  you receive as a member of this plan you may return your Membership ID Card to us within 10 days .

If we receive written notice and return of your Welcome Letter / Member Handbook / and Member ID Card within 10 days of the date we transmit these items to you via our electronic email transmission ( or U.S. Mail if we do have not a valid email address for you ) we will refund any dental network access membership fees we collected  ( with the exception of enrollment fee which is non-refundable ) .

 NO Questions Ask - NO Hassles - We Refund Your Money.


Company Profile          

Health and Life Administrators Inc. ( HLA ) is a licensed and bonded Third Party Administrator " Committed To The Design , Development , Distribution , And Administration Of Quality Insurance Products ". HLA' s Senior Management staff has owed, operated, and managed multiple insurance firms since 1980. The Principal's are Ed Hemphill President , Deborah  Hemphill Vice-President , David Hemphill National Marketing Manager , and Darieke Hemphill Agency Relations .

Ed Hemphill began his insurance carrier in June 1970 with the Prudential Insurance Company of America . In 1980 ; after 10 very successful years with Prudential  Ed formed a multiple lines  property casualty /life/health/& accident insurance agency operating under the name of " Hemphill Insurance Agency " . That agency was initially established as a retail insurance firm offering many personal & commercial lines of property - casualty coverage along with  life/health/accident/dental/employee group benefits to customers through an extensive network of Texas independent agents.

In 1982 an additional  firm was formed by the Hemphill's as a Managing General Agency operating under the name Insurance Brokerage Services of Houston offering dental , health . life ,and accident lines of coverage. In 1992 Insurance Brokerage Services of Houston was merged into a new operating firm named National Marketing Manager ( NMM) .  NMM  formerly operated as a wholesale distribution center for individual health , life , and accident lines of coverage on a nationwide basis, the top dentist in cockeysville MD uses our plans. NMM was a wholesale distribution center and marketing firm that formerly offered quality insurance products  to  more that 4,000 independent agents through multiple insurance carriers or PPO Network Providers on a Nationwide basis. NMM  became an  inactive entity in 1994 upon the  formation of our  Third Party Administration ( TPA )  operations.

In 1994 National Marketing and Administration ( NM & A ) a Texas General Partnership was formed to operate as a licensed and  bonded Third Party Administrator  ( TPA )  . NM & A performed the tasks of underwriting , policy issue, premium collection ,  agent commission payment , general customer service , claims customer service , claims processing , and claims payment. In 2000 the Hemphill's sold their interest in NM & A.

Today the Hemphill's manage Health and Life Administrators Inc. ( HLA ) which operates as a licensed & bonded Third Party Administrator (TPA ) on a nationwide basis by offering a variety of Health / Life / Dental / Accident / PPO Network plans in the fully insured  and self insured insurance markets  through our network of 4,000 + local licensed independent insurance agents . HLA also offers discount dental and discount health care plans such as the Dual Choice Dental Plan.


Contact Information                                 

Toll Free                                    
Local Telephone
( 325 ) 653-7700
( 325 ) 653-9594
Local Address
133 West Concho , Suite 108
San Angelo , Texas 76903
Postal Address ( Please direct all U.S. Postal Mail to our P.O. Box )
P.O. Box 5960 San Angelo , Texas 76902-5960                               
Electronic mail :
General Information: admin@dualchoicedentalplan.com  
Marketing:  natlmktmgr@hotmail.com

Web Sites :http://www.dualchoicedentalplan.com





Please note that The Dual Choice Dental Plan  is not health insurance and we do not make payments directly to medical service providers. The Dual Choice Dental Plan a discount program, and you are obligated to pay for all health care services. You will receive discounts on medical services at certain health care providers who have contracted with the plan. This plan is administered by Health and Life Administrators Inc. located at 133 West Concho Suite 108 San Angelo , Texas 76903 , The program and its administrators have no liability for providing or guaranteeing service or the quality of service rendered. Note to Utah residents: This contract is not protected by the Utah Life and Health Guaranty Association

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